Un Autre Regard Sur La Logistique
Un Autre Regard Sur La Logistique

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are the users of the Transport Marketplace?


All companies with goods to ship (packed, bulk liquid, bulk solid, container, exceptiona, temperature controlled and dangerous


All providers in the supply chain (road, sea, air, river, rail, stotage)

Q: How do I get to the marketplace?

R: Your company is not yet identified

  1. Complete the necessary information to identify your company.
  2. Fill in your personal data, needs or supplys.

R: Your company is identified

  1.  Complete your personal information, needs or supplys.
  2.  Your colleagues will validate your registration

Q: What services does the marketplace offer?

R: The CUSTOMER after inviting his usual providers goes:

  1.  Post rate requests or consult the community
  2.  Receive quotes and negotiate online without intermediaries
  3.  Place orders and receive confirmations from providers
  4.  Monitor the delivery conditions of its shipments

R: The PROVIDER after inviting his customers or prospects goes:

  1.  Consult ALL the requests of its customers or propects and post its tariffs
  2.  Confirm orders received
  3.  Unmaterialize invoices
  4.  Secure their payments
Q: What is the cost of market place services?
R: The following transactions are charged 4€.
  1. Receipt of a quotation from a new provider
  2. The discharge of payment of an invoice
  3. Sending an order confirmation
  4. Sending a de-materialized invoice
  5. The opening of a negotiation space (up to 4 users)
  6. The activation of the service for monitoring the transport conditions of the goods:
  • Localization (<5miles)
  • Temperature / humidity
  • Door opening device
  • Exposure to light
  • Vibration detection
  • Presence of a magnetic field

Q: How do I get transactions?

A: 6 possibilities:

  1. You are a new user +10
  2. You invited a colleague +10
  3. You have obtained the registration of one of your usual suppliers +10
  4. You have obtained the registration of a prospect +10
  5. Via the TMBox widget on your site you have generated the registration of a new user +10
  6. You buy one or more pack(s) of 100 transactions

Q: How do I access the marketplace from a smartphone or tablet?

R:"Simple as Hello":

  1. Search TMBox.co with your browser
  2. Add the link on the home screen

Q: What are the services for the user?

R: The client benefits at no cost

  1. The fast and secure transmission of quotation requests to its providers
  2. Receipt of confirmation from the selected provider
  3. The receipt of invoices that have been de-materialized
  4. Notification, at the provider's request, of the payment of the invoice due
  5. 10 years of archiving ALL documents exchanged

R: The provider benefits at no cost

  1. sending its offers in response to tariff requests to its customers or prospects
  2. the secure payment of issued invoices
  3. 10 years of archiving ALL documents exchanged

Q: What are your assets?

R: As software publishers in the transport sector, our company is NEUTRAL and INDEPENDENT.

This project is the result of 15 years of experimentation with our customers. No opportunism but a mature and durable construction to defend the interests of their network. Our company has no commitment to investors and controls its short-, medium- and long-term strategy.

Q: How many companies are currently listed in the marketplace?

R: 12098 mainly located in 20 EU countries at the end of February 2018. 59% are suppliers.

Q: What are your short- and medium-term objectives?

R: Become the global freight platform for all companies:

  1. Lower transaction costs as soon as the neutral point is reached.
  2. Building big data open to researchers and start-ups
  3. Use AI to optimize transport capacity.
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